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Car-free Portland: Seeing Maine by trains, ferries and on foot


PORTLAND, Maine — Michael Gale and Lynsay Erin arrive here during their road trip through New England in search of the best lobster roll, but immediately decide to abandon their car.

Instead, they hop on a ferry and head to Chebeague Island, about 10 miles off the coast of Portland in the Casco Bay.

This tiny island, just three miles long and one mile wide, is so charming that their one-night stay turns into three nights.

Embraced by locals, including a lobster fisherman who invites them into his home when the Chebeague Island Inn is sold out for the weekend, they attend a dance at the Town Hall, where I join them for a few songs.

“We were there for 12 hours, and it felt like we had been coming to that island all our lives and knew everyone,” says Erin, who lives in New York City. “Everything seemed to work at this lovely pace.”

This is island life off the coast of Maine. There’s no need for cars or frills, just a hearty appetite and a willingness to talk to anyone. Read the Full Article